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To get a dog or not get a dog?

  • Monday, December 10, 2018
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
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Sarah Forge

To Get a Dog or Not to Get a Dog?
That is the Question!

Should I get a dog?

What kind of dog?

Where from?

As a dog trainer, Sarah has seen some heartbreaking situations where people have ended up with dogs they don’t want, can’t care for or have behaviour problems they can’t solve. The ensuing stress and sadness takes a huge toll on the families and their relationships with each other and the dogs involved.
She has observed that a lot of these situations could simply have been avoided if the people involved hadn’t got a dog at the wrong time, hadn’t got the wrong breed of dog for their lifestyle or hadn’t got a poorly bred or poorly socialised dog. 

Prevention is definitely easier and a lot more cost effective than a cure. This webinar will look at the pitfalls of purchasing a dog or puppy and how best to avoid them so that you have the very best chance of enjoying life with your dog.

Learning Objectives 

Know what to ask yourself before getting a dog

  • The things you didn’t think of
  • How to decide between breeds
  • The difference between getting a puppy and getting an adult
  • Become aware of your bias
  • How to choose a good breeder
  • Red flags in breeders and rescue
  • How to spot a scam

      About The Presenter

      Sarah Forge is a Canine Behaviour Consultant working in Western Sydney as Miss Behaviour Dog Training Services. She has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with a focus on Canine Behaviour and Training, but she also enjoys training other species like chickens and goats!

      Sarah is on the committee of the Pet Professional Guild Australia and the Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW. A self-described dog nerd, Sarah is passionate about welfare and responsible pet ownership, dedicated to making a difference to the lives of all pet dogs everywhere.


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