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Louise Newman and Shelley Auckett, Bios and Workshop 


louise newman

Louise grew up traveling the world. Each posting came with its own set of animals which meant training, good husbandry and health care were taught as part of daily life. Louise moved to Australia in 1997 continuing her teaching career. Then in 2011 she founded Let’s Go Fido! joining forces with local vets to deliver puppy school and dog training.

Louise and her team also deliver specialised services like Nosework, Reactive Rover, and Kids and Dogs classes. Louise’s gentle, positive and friendly nature also makes her the perfect trainer to provide in-home consultations for dogs and owners needing that extra bit of support.

Louise believes that training goes beyond puppyhood – that it is a way of life. It should be fun, relevant and most importantly add to the bond between you and your dog. With this in mind , Let's Go Fido! was created in 2011 running a variety of training classes on the Lower North Shore and Balmain/ Hunters Hill area.

Louise’s professional qualifications and memberships include:

    • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Professional Trainer
    • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Society)
    • Susan Friedman Functional Analysis of behaviour change
    • Post graduate qualifications in Science Teaching
    • Assessor for GreenHound and MindDog

Shelley Auckett

My name is Shelley and I graduated from Veterinary Nursing in 1997 in New Zealand. This lead to an amazing opportunity to become an animal behaviour technician for an animal welfare and research agricultural organisation in the Waikato region. I won’t lie… this job was awe-inspiring!

I studied and collected vast amounts of data, samples and knowledge from observing animals and their behaviours in their natural environments or in the environments that humans had created for them. All our information and research went into upgrading and developing techniques and procedures to improve the welfare, surroundings and lifestyles of these animals. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work for such an organisation… but I needed to spread my wings…

After making my journey to Australia in 2000, I found a nice place to snuggle into and made myself comfortable amongst a team of Veterinary Specialists in diagnostic imaging for 16 years! During this time I discovered I suffer from a strange addiction to continual learning. Once I got my Diploma in Business Management in 2011, I couldn’t stop and I started my accreditation journey to becoming a qualified dog trainer a few months later, to pursue my passion of animal behaviour once more… Paws And Think was launched in 2013; which is based in the Inner West of Sydney.

I’m trained and accredited through Delta Institute  Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, Karen Pryor Academy as a Professional Dog Trainer, Certificate of Excellence with Behavior+Works in Living and Learning with Animals (Friedman), Fear Free Certified Professional, Canine Hoopers World trainer, and certifications through the Master Course in Aggression in Dogs (Shikashio) and L.E.G.S - Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Group (Brophy); all of which have given me the vast amount of knowledge to help guardians live peacefully with their companions.

ABOUT THE workshop

Hoopers for the City Trainer 
14th June, 1.30pm

Hoopers is dog sport that is a cross between motion puzzles and low impact agility. It is about handler-dog confidence, connection, and communication. Three amazing traits everyone wants with their dog all developed in one fun activity. The cost of set up for you as a trainer can be kept to a minimum and the storage space needed is manageable with only a car required to transport equipment (no trailer needed).

There is an organisation to get qualified through. And there is a whole community of people to help you. :) Hoopers can be taught as a class or a personal session, it is up to you, your available space, your handlers and their dogs.You can progress the motivated clients through levels and achievement awards, or you can simply provide a fun outlet for the not so serious handler-dog teams. With the flexibility of Hoopers, it can be taught in many ways but generally has two styles.

One where the handler gets a head start and then their dog catches up and the handler does best to lead whilst running alongside supporting their dog on the course (this could be full pelt or it could be a meandering trot) or distance handling, where the handler’s movement is minimal, with clear communication and strong foundation work, the dog can navigate the course with calm verbal and visual directions. Whichever way works best for the individual, the aim is to navigate around and through equipment fluidly as a dog-handler team.

Once you get the foundation skills under your belt (e.g. see a hoop, run through it, see a barrel, navigate around or past it) then watch your clients’ dogs thrive in an engaging fun activity and see how movement alone, can be such a positive motivator.

Workshop Learning Objectives

      • Understanding how movement puzzles (shaping) can help build confidence and resilience in our dogs.
      • Ways to make an income and reduce professional burn out by providing a fun activity everyone enjoys.
      • By adding the fun videos to your social media, it can build engagement with your clients and followers.
      • Show you how to provide an achievable dog sport that is local to your clients.
      • By the end of the workshop we hope to provide an understanding that Hoopers is something you could add to your services, how you get there and where to go for support and learning
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