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Host a Webinar

The Webinar Terms & Conditions can be found here 

1.   What do we need first?

  • A working title
  • A two-paragraph description
  • Learning objectives in bullet point format
  • Your bio/photograph
  • A day, date & time
  • Length of time required (60 minutes to 90 minutes)

Equipment You Need

  • A computer with speakers and microphone
  • A USB headset & microphone
  • Your PowerPoint or equivalent software
  • High speed internet access

All of this information can be provided through our PPG Australia webinar form.  Please read our webinar terms & conditions

2.   What Happens Next?

  • We set up your webinar listing on our PPGA website
  • We also set up the webinar through Go To Webinar
  • You will then receive an email invitation as a panelist to the webinar. This contains a unique access code
  • If you want or need to practice, then we set up a practice session with you and the software

3.   How Do We Host?

  • On the day we log in 20 minutes prior to the start time
  • Five minutes before the start time we make you the presenter and you show your screen (your PowerPoint is then viewed by the audience)
  • We start the webinar and introduce you
  • You present from your own computer in your home or office
  • At the end we do a Q&A session facilitated by a PPG representative

 4.   After The Webinar?

  • We format the recording for use in recorded webinars
  • We send the recording to all current registrants
  • The event is listed as a recording for future use

The Webinar Terms & Conditions can be found here

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