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Dr Robert Hewings BioGraphy and Workshop Information


Dr Robert Hewings
Meet Dr. Robert Hewings, a retired dog handler and instructor who served for 30 years at the London Metropolitan Police. He has an impressive background in dog handling and training, backed up by excellent academic qualifications.

He holds a BSc in Canine Training and Behaviour, a Masters's Degree in Professional Practice Police Dog Training, and a Doctorate of Professional Practice in Canine Scent Detection Training. He has lectured at universities both locally and internationally. Dr. Hewings is an expert in scent work and has unmatched skills in this area, as evidenced by his best selling books "Scent Training for Every Dog" and "Tracking for Every Dog”

Rob's passion for scent detection training is truly contagious! He has a unique talent for inspiring canines and their human companions to learn more. He is dedicated and enthusiastic about his craft, and he genuinely enjoys teaching and improving the skills of these remarkable animals.


Indication Workshop
Friday 14th June, 9:30am to 13:30pm

When we troubleshoot our scent detection training, we generally discover it’s the indication that can cause us a problem. Discover from the UKCSD how we have developed different training methods for our dog’s passive indication. We work on a theory that one size does NOT fit all, our dogs are different and the more we know and understand the more we can help. A practical day with our trainers, and introducing Karen who will share 20 + years of proven operational explosive detection dog handling in London where working for the Metropolitan Police she has developed a deep insight into appropriate training for different dogs.

Learning objectives:

      • The Venn Diagram of search
      • The ‘Indication Station’ and it’s use
      • Different styles for different dogs.
      • Every method has its pros and cons
      • Avoid becoming entrenched within scent detection training
      • A basic training programme


Scentwork Theory: Understanding Your Dog's Sense of Smell
Saturday, 1:30pm

Discover why dogs love to sniff and explore with their nose. Learn about their canine umwelt and the importance of scent work.

 Subjects covered:

  • The benefits of scentwork
  • The seeking system
  • How the canine olfactory system works
  • Scent Movement

Scentwork for Trainers
Saturday, 4:00pm

Learn how to assist clients by incorporating scentwork in your consultations.

The College of Scent Dogs will help you build cognitive enhancement in every dog, including reactive and dogs that have simply lost their way. Discover why dogs need this exploration and how to provide them with the training they will love.

 Subjects covered:

    • The benefits of stimulating the ‘Seeking System.’
    • Creating the ‘bond’ and working together
    • The importance of scent-based enhancement
    • Scent Movement

Advanced Handlers’ Techniques 
Sunday, 11:30am

In the field of scent detection dog handling, a systematic search approach is absolutely essential. It's important to always remember that you are a team, and not just an individual following a dog.

You should aim to develop advanced search techniques, such as body positioning, hides at various heights, and indication training. It's highly recommended that you learn from experienced instructors who have over 50 years of combined search and detection dog handling expertise.

Subjects covered:

    • The Venn Diagram of search, its uses for advanced handling
    • High Hides
    • Search systems, area, route building and vehicle
    • Body positioning
    • Building canine olfactory stamina

Scentwork and the Assistance Dog
Sunday, 1:30pm

Welcome to Dr. Rob's secret passion: training assistance dogs. It's an added extra to help in the wonderful world of assistance dog training.

Since his retirement in 2016, Rob has specialized in training "Scent Detection Dogs" for the assistance dog community. He'll discuss various methods of collecting scent and training dogs for tasks such as "Nightmare Alert," "Epilepsy Alert," and other scent-based assistance. Rob has played a leading role in the training of dogs for Veterans with PTSD while working as a trainer with the UK charity Bravehound.

Subjects covered:

    • Why dogs for PTSD?
    • What is PTSD?
    • The Assistance Dog
    • Scent work with the assistance dog
    • Collecting samples
    • Freezing samples
    • An introduction to training your client
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