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Ian Shivers, Bio and Workshop 

meet the speaker

ian shivers

Ian Shivers is the founder of Bondi Behaviourist, a dog training and behaviour team based in Sydney, Canine Caregivers, an Online Platform for people to learn about training and behaviour and co-founder of Mutley Pro where his role is mentoring fellow pet professionals to streamline their businesses.

When it comes to helping people and their dogs, Ian's focus is on both ends of a leash. Whether we're working with a puppy or a behaviour case we promote healthy relationships and emotional stability.

Ian has helped over 4000 people and their dogs through understanding the relationship between enrichment and behaviour and creating practical solutions for real world issues.

ABOUT THE workshop

Practical Ways to Use Enrichment in our Training Plan
Friday 14th June, 1.30pm

In this workshop we will dive into a range of topics that will leave you with practical skills that you can implement into your own work with your clients. We'll begin with an understanding of enrichment for our dogs and how it impacts behaviour.

We'll dive into how to be proactive in meeting our dogs needs and how resolving unwanted behaviours through the lens of enrichment is achieved. We'll unpack how to portray this information and its relevance to our clients and implement these practices into our training plans to create practical and effective solutions to real world issues.

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