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Using Freework in Choice Based Training

Using Freework in Choice Based Training

  • Monday, March 04, 2024
  • 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, March 04, 2026
  • 8:00 PM
  • Live Webinar: AEDT


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Using Freework in Choice Based Training

Presented by Joanne Burton

Freework allows dogs to have a choice and a voice.  Should we be considering whether positive reinforcement is different to a rewarding education for our canine companions?

Learning Objectives

      * Using Freework in training scenarios

* Freework for basic skills such as recall, loose lead walking and settling in new environments

* Freework for reactive dogs, separation anxiety, car travel issues, co-operative care and husbandry

* Freework ovservations for referrals to veterinary care

* Freework for senior dogs

Freework for strengthening the bond between human and dog

      About The Presenter

      My passion for animals became apparent at an early age, as I found myself deeply empathizing with them even before I could articulate it. According to my mother, I exhibited sensitivity towards fictional animal characters on television, shedding tears whenever they faced adversity, a trait that manifested when I was merely an infant.

      Growing up, my father's love for animals further nurtured my affinity. He often recounts amusing anecdotes from his own childhood, including a memorable incident where he covertly harboured a horse in the family garage to avoid relinquishing it to his mother. Another memorable story involves rescuing an injured eagle from the roadside, only to witness its majestic attempt to spread its wings within the confines of our car.

      Accompanied by my father, I ventured to the local pound to adopt a canine companion in my youth. Despite my inclination towards the most unkempt and spirited dog in the shelter, my father exercised practicality, and we settled for a delightful mixed breed. However, my fondness for dogs persisted, culminating in the cherished companionship of a black Labrador puppy bestowed upon me at the age of four. Through the years, I've shared my life with many dogs, yet it's my enduring bond with my black Labrador, Keetah, that brings me back to my roots as I approach my sixtieth year.

      In 2008, my journey into understanding and appreciating dogs on a deeper level began when I volunteered to raise a puppy for Guide Dogs. This experience ignited a quest for knowledge, leading me to enrol in Animal Health and Animal Behaviour courses with ACS Distance Education, where I excelled with high distinctions. Although life circumstances interrupted my completion of the Delta course, my passion for understanding canine behaviour remained unwavering.

      Following the loss of my beloved canine companion, Harley, in 2015, I sought solace in fostering dogs for a local assistance dog organization. However, I felt compelled to explore gentler approaches to training, which led me to discover Canine Principles, an esteemed English institution. Subsequently, I earned a Canine Communication Diploma with Distinction, an Advanced Certificate in Canine Reactive Behaviour, and numerous other certifications.

      Actively engaged in Force and Fear-Free communities, including Canine Principles, National Institute of Canine Ethics, and the Pet Professionals Network, among others, I am committed to promoting ethical and humane practices in canine training.

      My dedication to advancing my knowledge and skills led me to Sarah Fisher and Animal Centred Education two years ago. Enthralled by Sarah's innovative freework methodology, I embarked on a rigorous study program, completing Module 1 and the Dog Detective course and the theoretical component of Module 2. In April, I am scheduled to travel to the UK to finalize the practical segment of Module 2. Meeting Sarah in person at the APDT Australia conference last year was a personal milestone, and I am honoured to be appointed as the unofficial ACE representative in Australia by Sarah herself. With aspirations to achieve full accreditation as an ACE instructor within the coming year, I integrate ACE freework principles into all my training endeavours, whether with pet dogs or assistance dog trainees.

      At present, I have my own business Paw & Order Noosa.

      I work with Pet Dogs and work alongside Assistance Paws and MindDogs as a trainer of Assistance Dog trainees and their handlers.

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