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"See Snake & Run" program

"See Snake & Run" program

  • Wednesday, December 13, 2017
  • 7:30 PM
  • Sunday, December 12, 2021
  • 8:30 PM
  • Recoded Webinars


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Presented by Vicki Cleaver

The impetus for this program was borne 18 months ago, when one of Vicki's dogs luckily escaped an encounter with a Tiger Snake. Vicki lives on a rural property which is in a high snake prone area. In fact, all three venomous snakes in Tasmania, Tiger Snake, Copperhead and White Lipped Snake (Whip Snake) reside on her property.

Since then she has undertaken research around the world and talked to others who are considering or are in the process of establishing positive snake avoidance programs.

Whilst this program is a work in progress, Vicki believes it is critical that if she can provide education to others then it may save many dogs from being bitten by snakes.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is about teaching a dog that the smell and sight of a snake is to be avoided and to move away (run) away from the snake. It will include the training steps for the dog to alert to a human (if present) as well as teach strategies for when the dog is home alone.

  • Safety, prevention and management strategies
  • Train dogs, without the use of force, to respond to the smell and sight of a snake as a cue for training alternative fluent behaviours
  • Present a pilot training model including pre-requisite behaviours
The session will include videos of pilot program.

About The Presenter

Vicki Cleaver is a relatively new trainer in the dog training industry and is the owner/operator of CleverPawzOz Dog Training, and Labradoodles Bailey and Mollie. She has a strong background in vocational education and training of 26 years, and combined with her passion for dogs, embarked on a career change in 2014. The impetus for her career change was because of her own reactive dogs that sought her to seek out strategies and guidance from Veterinary Behaviourists and multiple professional dog behaviour specialists. In the process this also taught Vicki about the importance of relationship building, trust and the human bond that she now passionately wants to help others with what she has learned. To this end, Vicki is committed to learning as much about behaviour as she can and pro-actively attends conferences, workshops and courses in order to broaden her skill base and educate her clients.

Vicki's Qualifications include (but are not limited to):

Distinction in Animal Training & Behaviour - Karen Pryor Academy

 Accredited Puppy Start Right Program Instructor - Karen Pryor Academy

 K9 Nose Works Instructor's course (current)

 Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) Instructor/Assessor - Pet Professional Guild (2016)

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Bachelor of Vocational Education (BAVE)

 Diploma of Training & Assessment

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