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    • Thursday, July 20, 2017
    • 7:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Sunday, July 14, 2019
    • 8:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
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    Presented by Debra Millikan 

    The Pet Dog Ambassador Program (PDA) has been created by experienced Australian PPG members drawing from their knowledge of other pet dog assessment programs (both locally and internationally) and complimented by their vast, collective knowledge of training in the real world.  Their knowledge of what is important to pet dog guardians and to trainers alike has helped formulate a program that allows instructors and assessors the autonomy to create scenarios that are client and location specific.


    The PDA webinar outlines the aims and benefits of the Pet Dog Ambassador Program.  Details will be given about how PPG members can become  PDA Instructors and/or Assessors together with the simple way members' clients can become involved.  The webinar will travel through each level of the PDA Program with video footage of some exercises from each level.  An explanation of the assessment marker system will be given.  Information about the Program's flexibility with regards to exercise modification for disability or location difficulties will be discussed.  The webinar will conclude with time for members' questions to be answered.

    Learning Objectives

    • To inform members about the Pet Dog Ambassador Program, its aims and its benefits
    • To ensure members know how they can get involved with the Program
    • To ensure members know how their clients can get involved with the Program
    • To ensure members feel comfortable about the assessment marking system
    • To ensure members are aware of how to use the Program modification system if it is needed
    • To answer any questions members might have about the Program

    About The Presenter

    Debra was born in Adelaide, South Australia, where she happily resides with her husband and her two wonderful canine teachers Mace the Bouvier des Flandres and the Roux the rescue Griffon Bruxellois. Deb's first dog, Scruffy, a Border Collie mix was part of her family before she was born and there have been very few months since that time that she has been without a dog.

    Having spent 40 years training dogs, 13 years as an obedience judge and many years in formal canine studies, Deb has a passion for helping others to better understand dogs and how to train them. She established her own training centre in 1979, back in the days when aversive training was the only way known in Australia. She was ahead of her time in seeking out new and better ways of building relationships with dogs.Her travels in the UK and Europe enabled her to learn new techniques and and become part of the wonderful world of force-free training.

    There was no going back to the old ways.

    Although Deb is slowly relinquishing some of her practical dog training persuits, her interest in education remains. Her focus now is ensuring that as many dogs as possible come under the care and guidance of trainers who have been taught, tested and found competent in force-free training techniques. She has recently joined the faculty of DogNostics Career College.

    Here are just some of Debra's many qualifications:

    Professional Canine Behavior Consultant - Accredited (PCBC- A)

    Diploma of Animal Behavior Science & Technology with Distinction 

    Diploma of Dog Training & Behavior Consulting with Distinction

    Certified Animal Behavior Technologist (CABT)

    Certificate IV in Dog Behaviour Training

    • Wednesday, September 13, 2017
    • 7:30 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Friday, September 13, 2019
    • 8:40 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Webinars, Puppy Education

    Presented by Josephine Atkins, Tricia Dunlop & Margaret Gray 

    New puppy owners  find some of the things that their puppy does to be embarrassing, distressing, worrying or at least disconcerting! This is especially true of people who have never had a baby puppy before or had one many years ago.

    In this hour long webinar, 3 experienced dog owner/trainers discuss the most common worries that people have about their pups and offer sensible & comforting advice on how to deal with these issues. They look at embarrassing things, yucky things, annoying & scary things, naughty things & just plain bad mannered things that puppies do. They will also talk about what socialization really means and how to socialize your puppy kindly and with courtesy & consideration.

    Learning Objectives

    • To help new puppy owners (& people who are planning on getting one soon) understand why puppies do some of the things they do:
    • To offer some simple solutions to common but sometimes embarrassing behaviours such as house training, "humping", nipping, "stealing" and witching hour "Zoomies";
    • To guide you in grooming your puppy now and as your grown up dog, whether you have a long haired or short coated breed;
    • To bust a few myths about how you should handle unacceptable behaviours in your puppy;
    • To discuss with you what socialization really means for pups and how each pup needs respect as an individual with individual needs & preferences.

    About The Presenters

    Jo Atkins is a multi-faceted animal carer & trainer. She lives on a small family cattle & sheep farm with her husband, two children aged 9 & 7, four dogs, five horses and numerous other pets. She is passionate about harm-free dog and horse training, stress free dog grooming and stress free animal farming. 

    Jo has been a dog groomer for 25 years, has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Management from the Delta Society, is a Certificate IV vet nurse and has a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. She runs adult dog and puppy classes and does private consultations in rural Tasmania.

    Tricia has always had dogs in her life.  It wasn’t until she had a fearful dog that she realised she did not really know what to do about it.  Her journey into the world of dogs and educating herself about the science of animal learning had begun and her passion now is educating others in the science of animal learning without needing to use harsh, aversive methods. 

    Through her business, Dogspeak, she has been professionally educating owners and their dogs since 2005, running various classes and private consultations for more serious behavioural problems.  Some of the other work she is involved in to help educate, by liaising with local council, writing a regular column for the local paper, and presenting at various dog clubs and public forums. 

    In 2005 she gained a Certificate 111 Dog Training & Behaviour from NDTF and moved on from there, achieving the LLA Certificate from Dr Susan Friedman’s Course. In 2016 she gained the KPA-CTP having completed the Karen Pryor Academy Certification for Animal Training & Behaviour.  2012 and 2013 she attended Chicken Camps with Terry Ryan as well as numerous seminars and workshops with people such as Bob Bailey, Dr Patricia McConnell, Dr Ian Dunbar, Susan Clothier & Kathy Sdao.  A highlight was attending the PPG Conference held in Florida USA in 2016 and meeting so many wonderful people, all passionate about Force Free Training.

    Margaret has trained her own dogs and dogs of colleagues & friends for many years, having been unable to stomach the methods used to train dogs in days gone by. On retiring from full time employment she established Tails Up Dog Training as a hobby that has now become a full time business. She loves long European holidays but can't bear to leave her own dogs for too long. Margaret has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Management through the Delta Society, a Diploma of Canine Behavior, Science & Technology from Canada's Companion Animal Sciences Institute, a B.A. & a Dip.Ed.

    • Monday, November 20, 2017
    • 3:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Tuesday, November 19, 2019
    • 8:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Webinars, free member webinars, recorded webinars

    Presented by Dee Scott

    This webinar is about how MindDog trains people who have mental health issues and need to have their dog recognised as a Companion Animal for the purpose of being able to take it with them on public transport & in other public places. Qualified & registered MindDog trainers are able to assess dogs for this purpose.

    Learning Objectives

    • To give people an overview of what the organisation MindDog is
    • To assist people in how to source a dog if they don't have one
    • To show how MindDog can assist clients who already have a dog and need help or information
    • To understand the process of training for the objective of a public access test

    About The Presenter

    Dee has had a passion for animals and training from a very young age. Moving to Canberra she started a long public service career and as a hobby joined the local pony club and the companion dog club as an instructor and competitor. Training and competing in both, life seemed complete. She then won a position with AQIS as a detection dog handler and moved to Victoria. It was a fulfilling career working with scent detection and she joined the first positive dog training club in Keilor to trial her dogs and to teach. Her dog training business, Positive Response, was born in Melbourne as a part time venture to serve the further needs of the community. Moving to Brisbane the business grew rapidly from a small part time concern to what it is today. As someone who grew up in business and customer service, Dee recognised the need for quality professional trainers within the Brisbane area and has now developed a fantastic team of trainers.

    Meet Our Team- Dee

    Dee's qualifications are as follows:

    • Approved Guide Hearing and Assistance Dog Trainer - 2015
    • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - 2014
    • Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training - 2000
    • Pet Dog Ambassador Assessor (PPG)
    • Apply First Aid (Ongoing)
    • AQIS Detection Dog Handler -2000
    • Companion Dog Club Level 1 Trainer - 1992

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