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President - Sarah Campbell

Happy Tails Training Tasmania

After growing up on a farm surrounded by dogs, Sarah has always been on the path of dog training in one way or another.
However many years ago it was her Labrador cross called Seamus and his fear towards other dogs and small humans that lead Sarah towards learning more about dog behaviour and started her down thepath to become a dog trainer.

After completing a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, she started Happy Tails Dog Training with a fellow positive trainer (Moire). She offers Puppy Preschool, Group Classes as well as a number of specialised classes such as Out and About Sessions and Adventure Courses and private consultations. 

She lives with her Red Heeler x Maxi and Border Collie Jack. Jack is fully deaf and the training journey with him has been a unique but rewarding process. 

Her aim as a dog trainer is to help dog owners form better bonds with their canine companions by giving owners the skills and knowledge they need and inspiring them to teach new behaviours, stimulate their dogs mind and enrich their dogs every day lives in a variety of ways.

Happy Tails Training Tasmania

Sarah’s professional qualifications and memberships include: 

  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Aggression in Dogs Master Class (full course) - Michael Shikashio
  • Assessor for the Story Dogs program
  • MindDog preferred trainer
  • Susan Friedmans Living and Learning with Animals Course

    Vice President - Barbara Hodel
    Goodog Positive Dog Training

    For more than 16 years Barbara has been training and working with dogs of all ages, breeds, behavioural and training challenges. In 2007 she established Goodog Positive Dog Training on the Northern Beaches of Sydney running classes for pet dogs at all levels, as well as topic-specific workshops and agility fun classes. She also delivers in home consultations for problem behaviours.

    Barbara is also a highly successful and keen competitor in dog sports, regularly competing in agility and rally events.

    Barbara is a powerful voice in her community for force-free training methods and has developed a network of like-minded businesses to spread the positive training message.

    Barbara’s professional qualifications and memberships include:

    • Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology (Canine Animal Sciences Institute, Canada)
    • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Society)
    • Master of Business Administration MBA

    Secretary - Kate Oates 
                                                   Cool Canines

    Kate is a dog trainer based in South Gippsland and Bass Coast, Victoria. She started Cool Canines in 2020 and has been helping people and their dogs ever since.

    After growing up around farm animals a passion for animals is not surprising. She especially loved horses and dogs growing up. Kate currently lives with Vader (an Australian Shepherd) and 8 chickens.

    After having kids it felt like a good time to change up the corporate job she held. She tried computer science and accounting, but after focusing on the Pro Dog Trainer course for her own dog, Kate had a strong desire to help others who were also struggling. She works with behaviour struggles, puppies, sports dogs, scent work is a current focus but Kate is always up for learning in different areas!

    Kate’s professional qualifications and memberships include:

    • Certified Pro Dog Trainer - Absolute Dogs
    • Certified Pro Dog Trainer Geek - Absolute Dogs
    • Pro Dog Trainer Genius - Absolute Dogs
    • Certificate in Dog Emotion and Cognition - Duke University
    • Dog-Dog Reactivity Transformation! - Dr Tom Mitchell (Behavet)
    • Seperation Group Consultatoins - Dr Tom Mitchell (Behavet)
    • Member of Pet Professional Guild Australia
    • Minddog Preferred Trainer
    • Certificate IV in Business Administration

    Treasurer - Kerryn Martin
    K9 Manners 

    Kerryn started her career in the health and fitness industry, moving into the community not for profit sector overseeing aquatic and recreation centre contracts and then eventually heading up people, learning and culture for the YMCA in Victoria.

    After her 19 year old dog passed, she got a new pup and there began an interest in positive dog training. She started studying the Cert IV in Companion Animals while still working, and commenced working with her new dog in things like Flyball, Agility, Responsible Pet Education, Therapy work and then Instructing at Keilor Obedience Dog Training Centre (a very early adopter of positive training methods). This led to gaining more work teaching Puppy School (6-8 classes a week) at Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital, and private behaviour consultations, working alongside Behaviour Vets at the clinic. Over the past 5 years she has continued to grow k9manners dog training, while juggling her other consulting business, doing people training.

    On going education is a key part of Kerryn’s current agenda and she has undertaken over 40 courses and webinars over the past few years (and there’s still plenty in the “to complete” pile).

    She shares her life with two spoodles, Bailey and Indy and two cats, Jax and Jaz.

    Kerryn’s professional qualifications and memberships include:

      ·        Living and Learning – Susan Friedman, Peta Clarke 2019

      ·        How to Work Aggression Cases A-Z Course - Michael Shikashio

      ·        Aggression in Dogs Master Class (full course) - Michael Shikashio

      ·        Recallers – Susan Garrett

      ·        Mission Possible – Marlena de Martini

      ·        Animal Emotions - Karolina Westlund

      ·        BAT – Grisha Stewart

      ·        Cert IV Companion Animal Services (part completion, deferred)

      ·        CASI (currently deferred)

      ·        Memberships; APDT Aust, APDT USA, PPG Aust, PPG USA, IAABC

      ·        Administrator Positive Puppies Facebook Group

      Membership Manager - Hilary Paull

      K9 Potential

      Long standing animal lover and professional dog trainer for 10 years Hilary has had many  animals, dogs, cats, alpacas and cows, and gets the chance to train horses and birds at times. Hilary likes to challenge herself by talking on clients behaviourally difficult dogs. Currently therapy and service dog training is her other special interest, along with ongoing education and cooperative work relationships. Hilary has competed and played with, agility, DWD, Scent work, and a little Rally.

      K9 Potential's Website

      Hilary’s professional qualifications and memberships include:

      • Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology (2019)
      • Certificate in Dog Training and Behaviour (2010) from the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF)
      • Fear Free Certified Trainer 2019
      • Dog assessor for Story dogs
      • MindDog preferred trainer
      • IAABC International association animal behaviour consultants
      • Pet Professional Guild (PPG)
      • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
      • Member Behaviour Education Network (BEN USA)


        Louise Newman
        Let’s Go Fido!

        Louise grew up traveling the world. Each posting came with its own set of animals which meant training, good husbandry and health care were taught as part of daily life. Louise moved to Australia in 1997 continuing her teaching career. Then in 2011 she founded Let’s Go Fido! joining forces with local vets to deliver puppy school and dog training. Louise and her team also deliver specialised services like Nosework, Reactive Rover, and Kids and Dogs classes. Louise’s gentle, positive and friendly nature also makes her the perfect trainer to provide in-home consultations for dogs and owners needing that extra bit of support.

        Louise believes that training goes beyond puppyhood – that it is a way of life. It should be fun, relevant and most importantly add to the bond between you and your dog. With this in mind , Let's Go Fido! was created in 2011 running a variety  of training classes on the Lower North Shore and Balmain/ Hunters Hill area.

        Louise’s professional qualifications and memberships include:

        • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Professional Trainer
        • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Society)
        • Susan Friedman Functional Analysis of behaviour change
        • Post graduate qualifications in Science Teaching
        • Assessor for GreenHound and MindDog

        Louise Colombari

        Pittwater Animal Hospital

        Louise has been working at Pittwater Animal Hospital since 2007 and has a strong and varied background in education, administration, music, veterinary nursing, and behaviour science and training. 

        Very soon after arriving at Pittwater, Louise commenced running the Puppy School program. When not training puppies, Louise is attending seminars, workshops and conferences both in person and on-line so as to maintain and grow her knowledge and skills in what is best practice in behaviour and training. Louise also provides behaviour consultations, one on one training, and house calls. 

        Louise keeps up with her enjoyment and skills of music by playing the church organ and running the church choir as their Music Director. She also enjoys participating in the sport and therapy of Nose-Work with her dog Ruby.

        The aim of Louise’s training is to teach guardians how to communicate best with their dog so they end up with a calm and confident companion. 

        Louise’s professional qualifications and memberships include:

        • Bachelor of Education
        • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Society)
        • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
        • Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia
        • Member of the Delta Institute
        • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
        • Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (USA)
        • International Association of Applied Behaviour Consultants

        Jess Sandstrom

        Howling Success Dog Training and Behaviour

        After leaving a job in Security Services, Jess began her career with animals in 2012 when she took up a role as a Kennel Hand at Monika’s Doggie Rescue. After attaining her first formal qualification in dog training in 2014 and being taken under the wing of another Professional Trainer Bobby McLachlan she hasn’t looked back. Jess lives with a 3 year old Rottweiler named Odin who is her pride and joy.

        Jess specialises in dog – dog reactivity and is extremely passionate about helping clients understand their anxious or fearful dog.

        • Statement of Attainment Dog Training – TAFE NSW / Steve and Vicki Austin
        • Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science & Technology – Companion Animal Sciences Institute
        • Living and Learning with Animals – Behavior Works / Dr Susan Friedman
        • Learning About Learning - Peta Clarke / Susan Friedman
        • Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Certified Training Partner

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