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Books PPGA Members Recommend Pet Owners Read

  1. Turid Rugaas - On Talking Terms with Dogs
  2. Jean Donaldson - Culture Clash, Dogs are from Neptune, Fight
  3. Shelley-GrielenShelley Cats and Dogs Living with and Looking at Companion Animals from their Point of View
  4. Patricia McConnell - For the Love of a Dog, The Other End of the Leash
  5. Nicole Wild - Don't Leave Me
  6. Pat Miller - Positive Perspectives 2, Play with Me, Do Over Dogs
  7. Paul Owens - The Dog Whisperer
  8. Stanley Coren - How to Speak Dog, How Dogs Think
  9. Karen Pryor -  Reaching The Animal Mind.
  10. Leslie McDevitt - Control Unleashed
  11. James Serpell - The Domestic Dog
  12. Ray Coppinger - Dogs
  13. Scott and Fuller - Genetics and the Social Behavior of Dogs
  14. Barry Eaton - Dominance in Dogs
  15. Barbara Handelman - Canine Behavior
  16. Beth Mattei-Miller - First Class Puppy: A Guide To Your Puppy’s First Year.
  17. Kay Laurence - Clicker Foundations, Clicker Novice and Clicker Intermediate
  18. Janice Bradley - Dogs Bite
  19. Karen Delise - Fatal dog attacks
  20. Connor and Killian - Connecting across differences (on human communication)
  21. Murray Sidman - Coercion and its Fallout
  22. Terry Ryan - Coaching people to train their dogs
  23. Paul Chance - Learning and Behavior
  24. Nane Kené Arthur - Chill Out Fido! (How to Calm Your Dog) 
  25. Nicole Wilde - Help For Your Fearful Dog (A Step-by-Step Guide)
  26. Kathy Sdao -- Plenty in Life Is Free
  27. Karen Pryor -- Don't Shoot the Dog
  28. Jean Donaldson -- Mine!
  29. Debby McMullen -- How Many Dogs?! Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Manage a Multiple Dog Household

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