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Upcoming events

    • Monday, July 09, 2018
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)
    • live webinar

    Presented by Josephine Atkins Darcy & Kate Shaw

    Myth-busting Force Free Horse Training

    After a life time of horses, where Jo was always questioning "how" to train a horse and mostly coming away from every lesson feeling like it wasn't quite "right" she finally found, through her work as a Force Free dog trainer, that the same principles can effectively be applied to working with horses. Not only did she feel more at peace with my horses, but finally I found they trusted me more than ever. 

    Previously she'd been involved in jumping, hunting to hounds, endurance, eventing, showing, and natural horsemanship. Now she's busy experimenting with what can be done with a horse’s cooperation and best interests at heart through the power of Positive Reinforcement

    Learning Objectives

    • To help experienced and novice horse people discern between force free and pressure based horse training so they can make educated decisions about the training techniques they employ. 
    • To explore common misconceptions about using positive reinforcement with horses 

        About The Presenters

        Jo Atkins Darcy

        Jo is a multi-faceted animal carer & trainer. She lives on a small family cattle & sheep farm in Tasmania with her husband, two children aged 9 & 7, four dogs, five horses and numerous other pets. She is passionate about harm-free dog and horse training, stress free dog grooming and stress free animal farming. Jo has been a dog groomer for 25 years, has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Management from the Delta Society, is a Certificate IV vet nurse and has a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. She runs adult dog and puppy classes and does private consultations. Jo says that what she is passionate about is "harm free dog & horse training, stress free farming of animals and stress free dog grooming.  

        Kate Shaw

        Kate’s force-free training journey began in 2004, with a couple of horses who responded to all the usual "solutions" with increasing aggression. Searching for something different - and kinder – she discovered that trainers were working with dogs and other species without any aversive pressure or punishment, and it soon became clear that positive reinforcement and counterconditioning were every bit as effective with horses, too.

        While she loves every aspect of training, my particular interests are aggression, separation anxiety, and helping people cross over from traditional to force free training & riding. She can be found online at and


        • Wednesday, July 11, 2018
        • (UTC+10:00)
        • webinars, free live member webinars

        Presented by Anita Marchesani

        Building a Client Focused Business:
        What you need to do to Improve Client Retention and Satisfaction.

        As small business owners, we are in the uniquely privileged position to be able to create our own utopia; to design and build our business just how we want it to be. And that's a good thing. Once we get going and find our feet, it time to start looking at ways to improve our profitability, the efficiency of the way we work, and, as always, how we improve our client's experience and the results they get by working with us.

        By shifting our inquiry towards Building a Client Focused Business it opens up a fresh perspective, and a profitable one at that. This webinar will guide you through the principles involved in developing your business into one that your clients and customers will love to interact with, while delivering you more time and bigger profits

        Learning Objectives

        This webinar will share strategies and tactics to: 

        • increase the customer retention rates for dog training businesses
        • improve customer satisfaction and engagement, 
        • increase the profitability of the business,
        • get better results for the client

          About The Presenter

          Anita Marchesani is a geek, a writer, an obsessive and a coach. She built one business that failed, and an online business from scratch to become an international brand, by focusing on just One Thing that was of value to her customers, and getting that One Thing very, very right. 

          Anita teaches that success is whatever you define it to be, that "working smarter not harder" actually means being rewarded for the work you do, that the customer is NOT always right, and that self-care is really quite boring (but vital) if you want to leave a real impact on your world.

          She mentors a small group of dedicated and driven business owners in the Pet and Equine industries to help them find their own One Thing, so that they can build their own business filled with purpose, profits and joy.


          • Monday, August 20, 2018
          • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
          • webinars, Puppy Education

          Presented by Margaret Gray

          Ten Commandments of Dog Training
          (from a dog's side of things)

          Do you already have a dog that you love but that you wished would fit in a little better with your lifestyle? Or perhaps you are about to get a new dog or puppy.What sort of relationship would you like to have with your new dog? What things would you like it to be able to do and what are the activities you would like to do with your dog?

          This webinar asks questions about what we really want from our dogs, what we are prepared to give to them and how we want our lives to blend. Once the questions have been asked, we will get down to answering them with solid, practical, do-able tactics. Ten steps that you can take to help shape the dog you want in your life.

          Learning Objectives

          • To be able to decide exactly what it is you want in your dog;
          • To understand that your dog has preferences too, and how the two of you can come to a happy understanding about any differences;
          • To put your relationship with your dog in harmonious perspective with your life as you actually live it;
          • To learn how to establish rules & guidelines for your dog, yourself, your family & friends;
          • To be able to choose activities suitable for you & your family to do with your dog. 

            About The Presenter

            Margaret Gray is on the committee of PPG Australia and is the person responsible for organising our webinars. Margaret also holds a Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in Canada ( as well as a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services from the Delta Society. She is based in the Southern Highlands of NSW where she runs Tails Up Dog Training. Her two Poodles, Saxon & Kuzu, might not run Tails Up but they do run the household. Except when they are learning new things or performing tricks, or running around their own agility for fun setup - all of which they love, they are thought to be amazingly naughty. (She doesn't agree with this assessment.) Margaret has been involved with dog all of her life but became interested in training when she retired from teaching high school students. As well as her dog training qualifications, Margaret has a B.A & a Dip. Ed. both from the University of New England.


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