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How do I stop my dog from jumping up at me or other people?

Jumping is a normal dog behaviour, and often we unintentionally reinforce it. When our pet jumps on us, they are usually excited and just want to say hello. However, we push them away and usually yell No! No! Get down! Off! The pushing and yelling (dogs don’t understand English) tells the dog that we are probably playing because we are giving them attention. So, our pet continues to jump to get that fun reaction.

So, how I train them to stop jumping?

  1. Puppy jumping: Keep treats handy and whenever your puppy comes running towards you and before they start to jump up, let them see you place a treat on the floor. If the treat is good enough your puppy should eat the treat. Place another treat on the floor before your puppy jumps again. Reinforce that four paws on the floor is good by repeating the treat on the floor every time your puppy runs towards you. You can also ask or lure your puppy to sit before he jumps up on you.
  2. Dog jumping: Adult dogs often still jump because they continue to be rewarded for it – usually with your attention.

Try the tip for Puppy Jumping first. You can also stand up straight and silently look ahead with your hands folded into your armpits. You may even have to turn your side to the dog. Your dog may sit because you have removed your attention. If this happens, get in fast with a delivery of around six treats of reinforcement.

If your dog continues to jump you may have to change your strategy and completely remove yourself from the environment.

To avoid having to repeat this forever, proactively train an alternative behaviour for your dog to do, like sitting. Once you have a solid sit you can try this.

You see your dog coming towards you all enthusiastic to greet you. Get in fast by thrusting your hand with a treat in it out in front of you at your dog’s nose level. As your dog comes close to the treat stand up straight with the treat close to your body. Ask your dog to sit and when your dog does, reward your dog with the treat. Make sure you reinforce the sit or at least keeping four paws on the floor with a number of treats.

Practice this action often and within a few days, you should have a dog that no longer jumps!

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