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FORCE Free Resources for Horses

Online Resources

Fair Horsemanship, Alizé V.Muckensturm.

Beth Behaviourist

Clicker Happy Horse, Dr Helen Spence https://clickerhappyhorse.wordpress.com/

Clicker Training Horses, Peggy Hogan http://www.clickertraininghorses.com/

Dragon Horsemanship, Michelle Martiya https://www.dragonhorsemanship.com/

Empowered Equines, Jessica Gonzalez  https://empoweredequines.com/

Equi-libre Horses, Jo Hughes

Equine Clicker Training, Katie Bartlett http://www.equineclickertraining.com/

Fed Up Fred

HippoLogic, Sandra Poppema

Horse Charming, Max Easey

Horses Under Our Skin, Dorothy Heffernan

Karolina Westlund

Meadow Family Rescue & Rehab, Emily McDonald http://www.meadowfamilyrescue.com/

Monty Gwyne

PPGA Approved Trainers

Pauline Keil
Equine Training Professional - Whispering Horse - Website https://www.whisperinghorse.com.au/, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whisperinghorsetrainer/, Email paulinekeil1@gmail.com (Australian based but also coaches online worldwide)

Kate Shaw
Equine Coach https://equinecoach.online/ or Facebook:  https://fb.com/equinecoachonline or email info@equinecoach.online. Mid North Coast of NSW but online Coaching anywhere.

Alizé V.Muckensturm
Fair Horsemanship https://www.fairhorsemanship.com/ (UK based but online coaching available as well as online courses)

Max Easey
Horse Charming - https://horse-charming.com/ (UK based but online coaching available and coaches available throughout the world)

Peggy Hogan
http://www.clickertraininghorses.com/ Or http://www.thebestwhisperisaclick.com/index.php (USA based, but online coaching worldwide)

We are currently working on adding more Equine coaches to our database so keep checking back!

Books on equine behaviour and force-free training

  • Alizé Veillard-Muckensturm - ‘Humane, science-based horse training’ Published in 2017.
  • Elizabeth P Burakevic – ‘Vera & Bob: how one girls journey of training a wild pony can shape the future’ Published in 2017 (for children ~8-14 age group)
  • Karen Prior – ‘Don’t Shoot The Dog’ One of the original books on using Positive Reinforcement training for all animals (not horse specific, but well with a read to understand how it works)
  • Lucy Rees - ‘The Horse’s Mind’ Published in 1983
  • Lucy Rees - ‘Horses in Company’ Published in 2017
  • Mark Hanson - ‘Revealing Your Hidden Horse: a revolutionary approach to understanding your horse’ Published in 2011
  • Marthe Kiley-Worthington - ‘Equine Welfare’ Published in 1997
  • Michel-Antoine LeBlanc - ‘The Mind of the Horse: an introduction to equine cognition’ Published in 2013
  • Patricia Barlow-Irick - ‘How 2 Train A ___’ Published: 2012
  • Rachaël Draaisma - ‘Language Signs and Calming Signals of Horses’ Published 2017
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