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FORCE Free Resources for Horses

Check out our PPG equine brochure:

PPG Equine brochure.pdf

Online Resources

Fair Horsemanship, Alizé V.Muckensturm.

Beth Behaviourist

Clicker Happy Horse, Dr Helen Spence

Clicker Training Horses, Peggy Hogan

Dragon Horsemanship, Michelle Martiya

Empowered Equines, Jessica Gonzalez

Equi-libre Horses, Jo Hughes

Equine Clicker Training, Katie Bartlett

Fed Up Fred

HippoLogic, Sandra Poppema

Horse Charming, Max Easey

Horses Under Our Skin, Dorothy Heffernan

Karolina Westlund

Meadow Family Rescue & Rehab, Emily McDonald

Monty Gwyne

PPGA Approved Trainers

Kate Shaw
Equine Coach or Facebook: or email Mid North Coast of NSW but online Coaching anywhere.

Alizé V.Muckensturm
Fair Horsemanship (UK based but online coaching available as well as online courses)

Max Easey
Horse Charming - (UK based but online coaching available and coaches available throughout the world)

Peggy Hogan Or (USA based, but online coaching worldwide)

We are currently working on adding more Equine coaches to our database so keep checking back!

Books on equine behaviour and force-free training

  • Alizé Veillard-Muckensturm - ‘Humane, science-based horse training’ Published in 2017.
  • Elizabeth P Burakevic – ‘Vera & Bob: how one girls journey of training a wild pony can shape the future’ Published in 2017 (for children ~8-14 age group)
  • Karen Prior – ‘Don’t Shoot The Dog’ One of the original books on using Positive Reinforcement training for all animals (not horse specific, but well with a read to understand how it works)
  • Lucy Rees - ‘The Horse’s Mind’ Published in 1983
  • Lucy Rees - ‘Horses in Company’ Published in 2017
  • Mark Hanson - ‘Revealing Your Hidden Horse: a revolutionary approach to understanding your horse’ Published in 2011
  • Marthe Kiley-Worthington - ‘Equine Welfare’ Published in 1997
  • Michel-Antoine LeBlanc - ‘The Mind of the Horse: an introduction to equine cognition’ Published in 2013
  • Patricia Barlow-Irick - ‘How 2 Train A ___’ Published: 2012
  • Rachaël Draaisma - ‘Language Signs and Calming Signals of Horses’ Published 2017
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